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01 September 2010

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Beijing has changed so much since I was last here close to 8 years ago...

Yupyup... I have arrived in Beijing already... :)

Had quite a nice flight... I sat next to this auntie, she was VERY chatty... haha... she kept talking about a lot of things - from China-North Korea ties, the similarities and differences between living in Singapore vs China... She also tell me to get hitched fast... but also to take my time to see "what is available and choose the best one" HAHAHAHA.. very interesting auntie... Chatty she may be but she was very friendly... she also got another uncle to bring my luggage down from the overhead compartment... so sweet lor.. somemore the uncle seems quite old and he had to carry by 8kg luggage down.. seems like he is very fit...

The flight was alright but the time it took me to clear their immigration was close to an hour and a half!!! Yes! that's right, 1 1/2 hours... Luckily I didn't need to go to the toilet then... the queue was CRAZY!!! no proper lines/queues people just forming their own lines and squeezing their way to the front... amazingly, i also managed to stay firm and "stick" close to the person in front of me... it was during this time that I missed Singapore's efficiency...

But enough about that... indeed Beijing seems to have changed a lot since I was last here... I can't say I remember much about my previous trip other than Peking Duck and going to the Great Wall, Forbidden Palace and all... but Beijing seems more organised and like the Taxi uncle said - cleaner...

There's so many things going on in my mind right now... what will I be doing tomorrow, when will I start my internship and how will I fare over here.... so exciting... hehe

well, that's all for now... will post pictures later... didn't take much today because I had to drag my humongous luggage around...


23 August 2010

Monday, August 23, 2010

will i be disappointed by them once again?

the answer is yes...


22 January 2010

Friday, January 22, 2010

the song that captures my heart's messages to her...

this song is by Korean girl group Jewelry... The moment heard this song, it kept playing on and on in my heard... especially the part

"I don't say goodbye, bye
please don't say goodbye, bye
baby i'm so sorry
i love you, i'm so sorry"

and when i went to search for the translation for the song... i felt that the song really captured the feelings i felt towards her... especially the chorus... wishing for her to come back to me, for her to hug me again...

this song is for you mama...


Friday, January 22, 2010

It has been 3 years....

3 years... can anyone believe it?!? 3 years.....

it has been 3 years since Mama passed away... exactly on this day 3 years ago did my heart become incomplete...

recently, i keep wondering to myself... "have i lived since she left?" *shrugs* i can't seem to find an answer to that question...

ever since she left, life has been rather dull for me.... there was lesser laughter and joy within the family... lesser family time.... lesser contact with my relatives... it was because she was the one who held the entire family together... she was the one who gave so much love, joy and laughter to my life... and without her, it has gotten unbearable...

i still miss her so much...

but people keep telling me to move on... to not think about it... i also want to do that... but it really IS very difficult for me...


16 October 2008

Thursday, October 16, 2008


it is now time for me to start updating once again...

do drop by my other blog ok... http://andsocandicesays.blogspot.com

i will still be using this blog now and then... this one has been with me for ages... i have a lot of memories with this one...

my new blog was actually supposed to be a food blog... but i have decided to include anything that i hold dear to me... who knows, you might be mentioned in it... hehe



14 December 2007

Friday, December 14, 2007

i recently ended my worst semester in SMU.... hopefully it will be the worst during my entire time in SMU...

i just don't know why... but i just really didn't have the mood to study this semester... i couldn't focus... i have so many other things on my mind... resulting in me missing (and skipping) a lot of classes... and when you don't go for classes in SMU, what happens?? you understand nothing... so that results in the sucky results i got this semester...

Marketing: B+
Intercultural Communication: B
Finishing Touch: B
Management Accounting: C+
Management Science: C

sucky right.... 2 freaking Cs... the worst i have ever done... this is really a wake up call for me... if i want to do well... i will really need to buck up... i may not like what i am studying all the time, but if i put in time and effort, i am sure i can do better...
at least, i did quite well for my Marketing and Intercultural Communications... at least a B... kinda giving me a confirmation that i am going on the right track... i must remember to declare my major next semester...

i am kind of excited for the next sememster to start... because i am going to do a tourism related module.... here is what i will be taking next semester...

World Travel and Tourism (yeappie!!!)
Advertising (yeappie!!!)
Management of People at Work
Finance (someone help me)

will only be doing 4 modules next semester... because i ran out of eDollars... hahaha... World Travel and Tourism and Advertising cost me 40 over dollars each... so i am currently "bankrupt" hahaha...

i hope that i will be able to do well next semester... i must buck up to increase my GPA.... oh ya... i just realised, i managed to increase my GPA this semester by 0.01 hahaha... pathetic right... if i had put in more effort for MA and MS, i could have gotten better grades... regrets, regrets, regrets...


30 September 2007

Sunday, September 30, 2007

thanks girl... *hugs*

i just received a very nice and comforting email from one of my primary school pals...

here are parts of her email that really touched me...

"... i do understand what you are going through.. it's really not easy losing somebody close to you.."
"...you never really move on, you just stop thinking abt it.. stay strong and hang in there.."
"...it was like telling me, she made a huge impact in these people's life and she meant someting to them.. it was like celebration of her life where people shared their experiences with her and their memories.."
" ...celebrate your grandma's life.."
"...impact people like how she did with hers.."
"...i'm sure she was a great woman.. live like how she would you know.."
"...so do take care all right.. and you will be ok.. :)"

thank you girl...
thanks for the comforting email.... really appreciate it... *hugs*
thanks for reminding me that she had a good life for the 86 years she lived...
thanks for reminding me that she had a great impact on all she lived with...
thanks for showing me that there is another way for me to remember her...
i will celebrate her life and i will impact people like the way she did from now on...


next week is mid term test week.... here's the "formula" for what i am supposed to do now...

STUDY M(A + S + arketing)

after which, i will be able to relax for a short while... before i have to focus on all my projects... got MA final project, ICC project, MS Case Assignment 2, Marketing Case Report and Final Project... so many projects...

time seems to be passing very fast... in a blink of an eye, i am half way through my 1st sem... i will be done with FT and will have a 3 day week... weeeee~ *jumps for joy*

well... that's all for now... need to study.... thanks for popping by... (",)


24 September 2007

Monday, September 24, 2007

it's because of the chocolate fondue and the rain...

feeling sick now... having sore throat, feeling very tired and might be having fever... and i think it is because of the chocolate fondue i had with my family last night and the rain that got me drenched in the morning....

my parents bought a chocolate fondue fountain at a steal from cash converter and we decided to try it out.... it was quite fun... waiting for the chocolate buttons to melt, waiting for the melted chocolate to be "pumped" up to the top and then enjoying ourselves with all the fruits.... it is such a sin to indulge in it.... and i got my just deserts.... came down with a bad sore throat.... but that won't deter me from indulging in it once in a while... whahaha.... who can resist chocolate???? i know i can't...

i got drenched on my way to the bus stop today.... it was pouring.... my jeans were like soaking wet and it only dried after my ma class... was practically shaking the entire time... the boring topic today didn't help either... almost fell asleep.... so pia seh lor... somemore next week having mid term test already leh... then fall asleep in class.... oh man... it is time to buck up and mug.... time for the mugger side of candice to come forth...

got a lot of stuff to do... so that's all for today... cheers (",)


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